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Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust Board

Trust Board Members have a firm, consistent commitment to collaborative learning.  They are clear about the accountability of sponsorship, including the financial responsibilities.

Our trustees are passionate about bringing about transformational change and improvement to vulnerable schools but also learning through collaboration with convertor academies.

Board membership reflects the skills from external partnerships that deliver impact for pupils – including a unique Independent – State school partnership with Birkdale School (bringing curriculum enhancement and scholarships) and collaboration with the National Education Trust (including projects on effective strategies for the Pupil Premium group and meta-cognition).

All academies in the MAT will be directly accountable to the Board of Trustees who will delegate operational powers to the Executive Leadership Team. Click here to see the governance structure diagram.

Decisions on expanding the Trustee Board will depend on the skills required for each phase of growth. Consideration will be given about recruiting Trustees from convertor schools, but this will not be automatic.

Where academies join the trust under sponsorship arrangements, a member of the Executive Leadership Team and / or a Trustee will have a place on the local governing body and a small, skills based Academy Intervention Board formed. This arrangement will be in place until each Academy’s performance is securely improved.

Each academy is subject to a review of governance at the onset of the conversion process, and annually thereafter. Where necessary new governors are appointed by the MAT. This is led by an NLG and overseen by a Trustee with this particular portfolio.

The Trust Leadership Team monitors standards at an operational level, with a standards and school improvement committee overseeing progress across all of the Trust’s Academies.

A record of Trustee attendance at Board and Committee meetings over the past year may be found here.

The founding Members of Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust are:

Sue Hunter Portrait

Sue Hunter

Date of appointment: 23 June 2016

Sue is the founder of Hunter Smith Associates Ltd. Hunter Smith Associates Ltd delivers tailored consultancy services and training and development programmes. Sue has over 20 years hands on and strategic organisational and people development experience in a range of different sectors and a strong emphasis on schools development and change management. Sue is also currently serving as Chair of Governors in Tinsley Meadows.

Business Interests declared: Currently employed by the Emirates College for Advanced Education, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr Paul Owen Portrait

Dr Paul Owen

Date of appointment: 23 June 2016

Paul Owen worked in academia and industrial research and development before joining the teaching profession, initially teaching secondary science. After holding a number of academic and pastoral management positions he became Head Master of Birkdale School, Sheffield in 2010. Paul has significant experience of school leadership and huge enthusiasm for the contribution that high quality education can make to the life chances of children in whatever sector.

Business Interests declared: none

Darren Pearce Portrait

Darren Pearce

Date of appointment: 23 June 2016

Formerly Finance Director at Meadowhall, Sheffield, Darren is now working as Centre Director in the shopping mall and has been in his post for the last 8 years. Darren has been incredibly influential in creating lasting and fruitful partnerships between Tinsley and Meadowhall and he brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise to help hold the academy to account.

Business Interests declared: Current employment: Broadgate Estates People Management Ltd. Businesses of which I am a partner/proprietor: Americas 5 LLP, Perfect World 1 LLP.  Charity Trusteeships: The Source Charitable Trust.

Our Trust Board is made up of the following:

Marc Rowland Portrait

Marc Rowland

Chair of Board of Trustees

Date of appointment: 20 July 2016
Appointed by Trustees

Marc works for the Education Endowment Foundation Research School at Rosendale Primary School.  Previously he worked for the National Education Trust and Rosendale where he was involved in two major school based research projects on Lesson Study and Metacognition.
Since its introduction, Marc has worked with schools nationally to help maximise the impact of the Pupil Premium and tackle educational disadvantage. This includes LA-wide projects in Warwickshire, Essex, Sheffield and North Yorkshire. His book, ‘An Updated Practical Guide to the Pupil Premium’ was published in December 2015 (John Catt Educational). He is currently working with the Jersey government on the introduction of a ‘Jersey Pupil Premium’ and with Learn Sheffield on their Priorities Project and has just completed a major project with Essex LA to produce a Pupil Premium ‘toolkit for schools’.
Marc has sat on a number of education advisory groups, including the recent Independent Review of Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants. Previously he worked at Ofsted, mostly focussing on inspection reform.

Business Interests declared: Currently employed by the National Education Trust and Rosendale Primary School.

Di Chilvers Portrait

Di Chilvers

Non-Executive Director

Date of appointment: 1st May 2016
Appointed on incorporation

Di Chilvers is an advisory consultant in early childhood education having worked in the early years sector for over 35 years.  Di has had a diverse career in early childhood education having initially trained as a nursery nurse (NNEB), then a teacher working in schools for over 20 years.  She has worked in Further and Higher Education (Sheffield Hallam University – leading the BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies, QTS courses, Early Years Professional Status training and contributing to NPQICL and MA programmes).  She was a Regional Adviser for The National Strategies and is now an independent consultant working nationally and internationally. Di brings a wealth of experience from which she can confidently and passionately challenge the academy in raising standards in the EYFS setting.

Business Interests declared:

Advisory consultant in early education – independent.  2015/2016 working with 14 schools in Sheffield, including Tinsley Meadows on Talk for Reading and Talk for Maths Mastery Initiatives. Principles, Pedagogy and Practice in early childhood, WatchMeGrow and The Development Map,  which is an early assessment and mapping programme.

Other schools with which the Trustee has a connection, and details of the connection:

Di works with a range of schools in Sheffield and across the country on Extended Professional Development Initiatives.

Sheila Sutherland Portrait

Sheila Sutherland

Non-Executive Director

Date of appointment: 1st May 2016
Appointed on incorporation

Sheila is a long term local resident in Tinsley. She has made significant contributions to the school as a governor of Tinsley Meadows over a number of years. Sheila is a key member of Tinsley Forum and is passionate about the development of the local area. Sheila is a strong advocate for high quality education and works hard to hold the school to account in relation to the outcomes for our children.

Business Interests declared: Company Secretary, Tinsley Tree Project.  Trustee, Tinsley Forum.  Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, Governor.

Becky Webb Portrait

Rebecca Webb


Date of appointment: 20 July 2016
Appointed by trustees

Rebecca Webb is the CEO for Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust.

Rebecca first joined Tinsley Junior School (prior to the creation of Tinsley Meadows) in 2009 in her capacity as Lead Headteacher on behalf of the Local Authority. Since this time, Rebecca has successfully led the two schools (now one school) to achieve a ‘good’ Ofsted judgement in 2013 and 2014. Alongside strategic planning to achieve an ‘outstanding’ judgement for Tinsley Meadows, Rebecca is also providing consultancy support to a number of schools in Sheffield and Rotherham.

Business Interests declared: Member/Trustee of SSELP Company.

Emma Huntley Portrait

Emma Farmer

Executive Director – Business Strategy

Date of appointment: 20 July 2016
Appointed by Trustees

Emma is the Director of Business Strategy for the Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust. Emma began her employment with Tinsley Junior School in September 2011. Prior to this she worked as Head of Unplanned Care within Doncaster Primary Care Trust; overseeing the commissioning, procurement and performance management of key NHS services. Having spanned 15 years in the public sector, Emma has brought valuable HR, leadership, strategic finance and business skills to the school. She is now a recognised SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) and is providing system leadership and consultancy across a number of schools in the region.

Business Interests declared: none

Muriel Eddowes Portrait

Muriel Eddowes

Non-Executive Director

Date of appointment: 1st May 2016
Appointed on incorporation

Muriel Eddowes is a retired senior lecturer in Management Science at Sheffield Hallam University. Muriel held a variety of roles during her 30 year career in higher education but focussed mainly on course and module development, course management and student support. Muriel co-led a project funded by HEFCE and supported by the HEA, to develop radically the way in which data analysis and statistical investigations are taught to undergraduate business, finance and management students. Muriel has significant experience of school governance in inner city Sheffield, most recently at a large primary school with a similar profile to Tinsley Meadows.

Business Interests declared: none.

Raj Joshi Portrait

Raj Joshi

Non-Executive Director

Date of appointment: 20 July 2016
Appointed by trustees

Raj Joshi is a retired Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and was also an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sheffield for over twenty five years. Raj chaired national committees developing specialist training programmes and related curricula. In addition to delivering specialist services, Raj was also responsible for developing these within Sheffield and, as Clinical Lead, managed services within financial constraints including recruitment of staff and their continuing professional development. He taught at all levels of tertiary education and specialist training.

Raj has a particular interest in developing relevant curricula and was involved with a similar primary school as a governor and acting Chair.

Business Interests declared: none

Joel Hardwick Portrait

Joel Hardwick

Non-Executive Director / LAAP

Date of appointment: 9th November 2016
Appointed by trustees

Joel works for Sheffield City Council in the Department for Children, Young People and Families.

Business interests declared: None

Personal interests declared: None

Other schools with which the Trustee has a connection, and details of the connection:
Pye Bank Primary School: wife employed as a teacher
Hunters Bar Infants: child attends